Tips and FAQ

Preserving the integrity of your roof will also preserve the value of your home. A solid roof will prevent leaks and stop moisture from getting into your home, which often results in mold, water damage and other problems. We have roofing tips and roof repair tips for your home in New Jersey that will help you keep your roof watertight, help your roof to last longer and reveal any leaks.

There are a few simple ways you can keep your roof strong and prevent damage yourself. Keeping your gutters clean ensures that rainwater and ice runoff is properly drained from the roof. When gutters become clogged, water builds up and eventually the gutters fall apart. Trim trees around the roof to prevent branches from scratching the shingles or falling and weakening the roof. If you are inspecting the roof yourself and looking for leaks, spraying the roof with a hose will reveal where the leak appears on the roof. Inspect the state of the shingles as well as the flashing, look for any missing gravel and pay close attention to any bubbles that form along the surface.

If you cannot find the leak on your roof, or you do not have the equipment to safely inspect the roof, call in the experts. We provide complete roofing inspections and roof repair for homes and businesses all over New Jersey.

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