Often used as an alternative to a flat roofing system, a curved roof is usually attached to a taller exterior wall.  It forms an arch that can go from a low slope to a more rounded peak, allowing for water runoff while adding value to architectural interest.  A curved roof can be used for various home features such as an addition or wing, an arched entrance, or an entire building.  Due to its natural bent shape, this roofing type often requires a flexible metal material.


Curved Roof

A curved roof was first seen in the 1920s as covering for barn sheds, which allowed farmers to maximize hay storage in their barn lofts.  As a result, a lot of curved roof barns are popular in the Midwest and were even adapted for use during World War II.  An arched roof in the form of a catenary curve. Arched roof, bow roof, Gothic, Gothic arch, and ship’s bottom roof.  Historically also called a compass roof.


The Appeal of Curved Buildings 

Curved and/or dome-shaped structures have existed for thousands of years.  Igloos, Longhouses and Mudhif are just some examples of traditional Structure types that utilize a curved or arched shape.   In more recent history, curved buildings were commonly adopted during WWI and WWII in the form of prefabricated steel buildings, such as Nissen Huts and James way Huts.  These were popular and highly effective due to their lightweight nature, ease of construction and flexible interior that could be outfitted for a range of functions. 


Shorter Installation Times

Curved buildings require less framework than a traditional pitched/flat roof – this results in a simpler installation process.  Curved buildings are therefore generally able to be constructed in a short period of time, the process simple enough that little experience is required. 



Perhaps the most appealing feature of curved buildings is their strength and inherent ability to resist pressure from external forces.  The curvature of the room means the Structure is able to deflect strong gusts, giving them greater wind resistance than other shaped Structures. 


Weather Resistant

The slant of the roof also helps to reduce the effects of weather and time on the Structure; rain is better able to slide off the Structure, minimizing the potential for water damage. Aesthetically, they have a modern, minimalist visual appeal.  Curved buildings have naturally enhanced shading ability, and better air quality, the curved shape allowing the roof to ‘breathe’ and subsequently retaining less heat. 


Industrial Fabric Dome Shelters 

A modern evolution of steel dome structures such as the Nissen Hut, fabric dome shelters are a lightweight, cost-effective example of curved buildings that can suit a range of purposes in industries such as mining, transport, agriculture, defense and more. 

Fabric Structures from suppliers such as Dome Shelter Australia, who manufacture fully engineered Shelters using high-quality steel and tear-proof Fabric Tarp, are suitable for a range of heavy-duty applications.  Taking advantage of the inherent structural benefits of curves, Fabric Structures are safe even in cyclonic wind conditions when engineered for Australian Wind Region D.  They can be fully sealed with End Walls to give people and assets complete protection from the harmful effects of the elements. 

Fabric Structures are proven and effective, able to last decades with the correct care and maintenance.  They are semi-permanent and can be moved from one location to another with little to no disturbance to the surrounding environment.


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