There are plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the average home that handy homeowners can tackle without issue.  Roofing shouldn’t be one of them.  Replacing switch covers, hanging new doors, repairing sink drains, and installing new flooring are all projects that can be accomplished by anyone with a little know-how and a few basic tools.

Why Roofing Isn’t Recommended as a DIY Project


However, there are other home improvement jobs that are outside the scope of amateur handyperson.  In fact, many projects require special equipment, experience, or knowledge. Additionally, attempting these projects can also be quite dangerous. Roofing repairs and installation falls squarely into the professional only home repair category.

Roofing Work Can Be Dangerous

Working on your roof inherently involves working elevated.  You must use ladders or scaffolding to access the roof surface for replacement or repairs.  Risks of severe injury are because most homeowners don’t have access to the safety equipment that would be used by professional roofers. A fall from even a single-story roof could be life-threatening, so it’s best to leave roof work to those who are qualified and trained to perform such tasks.

Your Roof Is Too Important

Your roof is important because of the role it plays in maintaining the integrity of everything beneath it.  Roofing isn’t just easy as slinging down a few shingles.  There’s a specific method for roof work that ensures that the roof doesn’t leak.  The importance of your roof means you can’t take chances with amateur repairs, as a miscalculation could result in significant damage to your property.

It Can Cost You

The impetus for many homeowners to perform do-it-yourself projects around the home is to save money.  However, when it comes to roofing, doing it on your own could result in increased expenditures in the future due to poor work.  That’s because any mistakes you make as a do-it-yourselfer will need to be remedied by professionals at some point.  The cost will increase because the professionals will have to remove your flawed work to repair the roof correctly.

Material Costs Are Higher

Do-it-yourself roofing can also cost more due to increased material prices.  Roofers get bulk discounts and can take advantage of volume buying to get the best possible price for roofing materials.  When you must buy those materials on your own in small quantities, you’ll pay a premium price, which will drive your project costs up significantly.

No Warranty

Professional roofing companies typically offer a warranty on any roof work they perform at your home. Warranties can provide confidence in the quality of the work and a safety net if issues do arise stemming from materials or workmanship.  However, when you attempt to perform roofing work on your own, you’ll get no such guarantee.  If your roof fails for any reason, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Why Roofing Isn’t Recommended as a DIY Project

If you’re in need of roofing repairs or installation, don’t try to do the work yourself.  Roofing work is not ideal for a do-it-yourself project because it can be dangerous and costly.  Instead, let the professionals handle the work on your home.


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