Fanwood Gutter CleaningNow that Autumn is here in the Fanwood NJ area, leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. Each day, you go outside and notice more and more leaves on the ground. Leaves covering your yard should be picked up throughout the season so they don’t damage your yard. This is because the grass underneath is making its last ditch effort to build up nutrients and strengthen their roots before going dormant for the winter. Fanwood gutter cleaning is just as important.

So should homeowners do their Fanwood gutter cleaning themselves? There are a number of factors to consider when it’s time to remove all those fall leaves and debris from your gutters.  below reasons why you might consider Fanwood gutter cleaning a dangerous DIY project.

Reasons Why DIY Fanwood Gutter Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

  1. Ladder safety: The biggest reason to avoid DIY Fanwood gutter cleaning is the lack of safety when climbing up on a ladder. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission says about 165,000 Americans are injured from ladder-related accidents, with 90,000 of them needing emergency room treatment. Being up on a ladder to clean out your gutters puts you at risk for a fall, especially if the ladder is placed on uneven ground where it could fall out from under you.
  2. Going solo: While some homeowners may attempt to clean their gutters themselves, one big mistake is to not have a helper with you. The most important reason is to have your helper keep the ladder steady at all times.  Even if you’re using a step ladder, it’s important to have a helper steady it.  They can also assist by handing you tools and other items you might need while cleaning your gutters.
  3. Insects/mold spores: You never know what could be hanging out in your gutters.  Lots of critters like dark, damp, or remote places like a gutter, including birds, rodents, bees, and other insects.  Decaying leaf matter can also contain mold spores or other bacteria that could pose a health risk if you inhale it.
  4. Power lines: You may have power lines running into your home from the street. If your ladder comes in contact with a power line, there’s a real risk of electrocution. There may be other wires running into your home, such as cable and telephone, that could be damaged when you’re up on the ladder.
  5. Damage to your home: Since homeowners typically do Fanwood gutter cleaning in the spring and fall, it’s not a common task like mowing the lawn. If you’re inexperienced, you risk denting the gutters from the way you position the ladder. Depending on what types of tools you use and the condition of your gutters, you risk separating seams between gutters or gouging a hole, causing gutter leaks and potential costly damage to your foundation.

Looking for Professional Fanwood Gutter Cleaning Services?

Be sure to get your gutters cleaned up ASAP to avoid further damage to your home. Gutter cleaning is not a fun or easy task, but Deegan Roofing provides professionals who can do it for you. For over 25 years we’ve offered our expertise to our customers seeking 100% customer satisfaction. If you need gutter cleaning or any other roofing service, contact us today at (908)322-6405 or visit the website!

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