To maximize the impact of a roof color, it should complement the look and feel of your home’s exterior, which can help boost curb appeal and give you a sense of pride in your home.  But the color you choose should reflect your personality.  Don’t get a roof color just because it’s the same color others are getting.  Get what you want.  But how do you figure out what color to pick?

This guide offers tips on how to choose the best shingle color for your home.  Knowing your options helps you be prepared to discuss color choices with your Deegan roofing contractor so you can feel confident about selecting a shingle color for a roof you’ll love.



Before diving into the main color categories for roof shingles, consider the following factors regarding your home.

  • Exterior design
  • Architectural style
  • Environmental setting

It’s also easier to narrow down roofing shingle colors if you’ve decided on an exterior color palette.

Don’t forget to factor in the overall look of hardscaping elements, like patios, stone walls, and wooden arbors, along with fencing and driveway paving.  The design and structure of these items can influence your exterior aesthetic as well as their color.


Color Palette: Cool vs. Warm Colors  

Before choosing a roof shingle color, take note of the other hues and shades of your home’s exterior components, such as brick or siding, as well as the material or paint color of your window and door trim.

Style board with neutral and cool tones.  Sand Dune colored shingles from Owens Corning, dusty blue Adirondack chair, beach grass, grey shake siding with purple-grey shutters, medium tan paint swatch.  Pacific Wave style board with medium grey front door, lavender-grey paint roller, dark patterned door mat, lavender potted plant, and a family sitting on a couch together.  Pacific Wave colored shingle swatch from Owens Corning in the center.  Are your home exterior color palette cool or warm?  Cool colors have tints of blue, green, and purple, while warm colors typically contain reds and yellows.  White and gray can work with either palette, depending on the undertones.



The best roof color is one that you love and checks all the boxes for:

  • home exterior design
  • curb appeal
  • resale value
  • energy efficiency
  • meeting any applicable building codes or HOA requirements


Roof Color and Curb Appeal 

Depending on the architecture of your house, the roof can make up nearly 40% of your home’s exterior.  As a result, your roof material and color selection can significantly impact your home’s overall curb appeal.


Can Roof Color Affect Resale Value? 

Total roof replacements offer homeowners one of the best returns on investments, and a new roof is very attractive to prospective buyers.  If you’re thinking of replacing your roof before selling your home, you may be wondering which roof color is best for resale.

The best shingle color for resale is the one that complements your home exterior and appeals to the masses.  But a neutral palette can also make you look like all the other houses.

Don’t feel you have to stay with neutrals; the selective use of color can help you stand out from the crowd.  A roof can be the perfect finishing touch on a well-designed exterior.  Take time to explore today’s roofing shingle color blends.  You’ll find that they use multiple tab colors to create interest and visual dimension.  These colors are all opportunities to bring in pops of color that coordinate.  A well-designed exterior can dramatically boost curb appeal and increase the perceived value of your home.  In addition, home buyers are motivated to buy homes with a new roof due to the peace-of-mind protection it gives.



In years past, popular roof colors fell into neutral categories: black, brown, gray, and tan.  Today, these colors remain popular, but they aren’t your typical flat black, brown, or gray shingles.  Modern asphalt shingles have a variety of different color granules, giving them flexibility to match an exterior design palette. Where there used to be ONE shade of gray, now there is an abundance of gray hues, like green-gray, blue-gray, taupe-gray, and even purple, gray.

Homeowners are looking for ways to add personality to their homes, creating a market for unique color blends.   Many of today’s asphalt shingles fit into multiple color categories, like Owens Corning’s Summer Harvest, Aged Copper, or Black Sable.  The unique combination of colors on a shingle gives you some flexibility to change your exterior design over time.



Midnight Plum was named the 2023 Shingle Color of the Year.  Midnight Plum is a bold and beautiful rich purple color, and the first of its kind in the roofing industry.

Designed for its versatility, Midnight Plum evokes tones found in nature, food, and current fashion and interior design trends.  The purple undertones are infused with hints of pomegranate, eggplant, and mulberry.  The Midnight Plum shingle color was designed to look as inviting on a contemporary dark modern farmhouse as it does on a traditional red brick home.


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