During the winter, one of the biggest threats to your home and roof is ice dams. Ice dams bring the potential for severe damage to your home and need to be dealt with ASAP. Bergen County ice dam removal is something you need to be aware of this winter and how it can be handled.

Bergen County Ice Dam Removal – What’s the Risk?

Ice dams bring many potential threats to your home. Essentially ice dams are formed by water running down your roof. This is dangerous when certain areas of your roof may be hotter than others as a result of heat escaping. In the areas where the roof is not as warm, the water will refreeze. This is typically towards the bottom. As the melted water which is still quite cold gets to these colder areas, it begins to refreeze. Over time this forms a small form of barrier, or ice dam, that prevents the other water that is melting to drain off properly. As the water pools up, it causes the potential for leaks in your home which opens the door to other risks. Fortunately it is possible to control ice dams and hopefully prevent them. If it’s too late, you should contact Deegan Roofing today for Bergen County ice dam removal.

Bergen County Ice Dam Removal Service

A primary method for ice dam removal and prevention is in heating cables. These special cables will be run around the edges of your roof where there is less natural heat and will keep it warm enough for the water to flow off rather than refreeze. It’s better to have this done proactively as you anticipate cold weather rather than after you’re begun to experience problems.

Are You Looking for Bergen County Ice Dam Removal?

Bergen County ice dam removal is an essential service for you to look into if your roof was not prepared for winter. It will be a lot less expensive to get these taken care of ASAP and have your roof set up properly rather than waiting for trouble. Water leaking into your home poses it’s own threats and it’s best to avoid this. Deegan Roofing has become known for their high quality roofing services over the past 20 years. They can provide everything that you need to keep your roof in good condition through the rough winter months. For more information on their services or a free estimate contact them today by calling (908)322-6405 or visit the website.

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