If you have a hole in your gutter, this Middletown gutter repair tip is sure to help you keep your gutters clean and working efficiently, which will in turn keep your home dry!  First, consider the function and purpose of rain gutters.  The function is to carry rainwater and dripping dew from your roof to a downspout that will funnel the water away from your siding and home foundation.  This is important, because soggy soil near your foundation can compromise it’s integrity.  It can also cause your home siding to stain or, even worse, get in between the siding and the insulation or boards of your home walls.  And when it comes to home upkeep and mold and mildew control, trapped moisture is never a good thing!

Middletown Gutter Repair – Fixing a Hole

Tiny, or maybe not so tiny, holes in your gutter is a very common problem to have in anything less than brand new gutters.  Rust easily eats through steel rain gutters, and lots of other types of branches, twig, or debris can cause holes in copper or aluminum rain gutters (woodpecker, anyone?).  Fortunately, a hole is an easy fix, whether you are taking care of it yourself, or by a professional.

First, locate the hole by noting any water drip from your gutters that is consistent and unwelcome.  Though I wish I could tell you the holes could best be found by pouring water from a second story window into the gutter or just taking a look while it is raining, neither of these suggestions are practical or efficient.  The best way to locate a hole in your gutter is by just visually inspecting all parts of the gutter.  You will be able to notice by climbing a ladder or observing from a second floor window.

After you have located the hole, an easy fix can be done with a repair patch of material matching your gutters (copper for a copper gutter, aluminum for an aluminum gutter, etc.)  A small, inexpensive tube of roofing cement can be used to press the repair patch over the hole, but be sure you have a smooth finish.  Otherwise, leaves, dirt, water, or other unwelcome materials will get stuck at the ridge where your repair patch is glued down and maybe even cause a build up in the future.

As with any Middletown Gutter Repair, feel free to call a professional for an estimate, advice, or just to easily and quickly do the repair for you.

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