Bernardsville Roof Installation

Is your roof nearing the end of it’s lifespan? Now it’s that time when  you must consider Bernardsville roof installation. The two most crucial things when it comes to that are which roofer you choose and which materials you choose. There are three factors to consider when choosing roofing material for your Bernardsville roof installation : price, appearance, and durability. Here are the basics on 4 of the main roofing materials:

Different Materials for Bernardsville Roof Installation

Bernardsville Roof Installation

  • Asphalt/Composition Shingles: Usually fiberglass coated in weather-grade asphalt, topped with ceramic granules. Comes in thinner, three-tab shingles, thicker architectural shingles, or designer asphalt.  If your brand meets Energy Star standards you may qualify for a tax rebate.
    • Price: Least Expensive.
    • Appearance:  This extremely common material doesn’t stand out, but it does come in a wide variety of colors. The thicker architectural shingles or designer asphalt can mimic premium materials such as slate or wood shakes.
    • Durability: 15-30 years; vulnerable to high winds, moss, & power-washing.
  • Copper/Metal: From classic European panels to more modern metal shingles, a copper or aluminum materials for your Bernardsville roof installation are striking, stylish and resilient. Fireproof and rot-resistant, a metal roof provides excellent insulation from sun and cold but can be pricey. An Energy Star rating may qualify you for a tax rebate that could soften the financial impact.
    • Price: Very High.
    • Appearance: Suitable for historic buildings, or any home that wants an extra touch of elegance. While copper is classic, developing a distinctive green patina with time, other metals, colors, and patinas are available.
    • Durability: 30-60 years.
  • Cedar Shakes: Unlike sawn shingles, shakes are split from the beam, giving them a rustic texture. Eco-friendly, they provide better insulation than asphalt.
    • Price: Moderate.
    • Appearance: A classic favorite, gives your home warm, old-fashioned look. Over time will weather to a subtle grey.
    • Durability: 35-40 years. Requires maintenance, but can be treated to prevent moss and slow weathering. May need additional treatment to meet fire codes.
  • Slate: One of the world’s oldest roofing materials, and still in use for its great appearance and superior longevity.  Both heavy and expensive, but with the right building plan it can really take your home to the next level if you choose it for your Bernardsville roof installation.
    • Price: Most expensive
    • Appearance: Bold, natural grey stone
    • Durability: When installed correctly, slate roofs last indefinitely. There are roofs from several hundred years ago that are still water tight.

Need Professional Bernardsville Roof Installation Service?

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