As fall sweeps through with crisper air and cooler temperatures, it brings with it the changing of green leaves to vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. While the autumn foliage is a beautiful sight, it also means the leaves are soon to fall – quite possibly onto your roof and into your gutters. Before the snowflakes fall, make sure to check your gutters and have any problems repaired.

Improper Drainage

Leaves tend to do a great job of finding their way into gutters and gumming up the drainage paths for rainwater. When this occurs, water can pool in your gutter, causing strain on your drainage that can weaken connections, rust the metalwork or even provide a convenient place for pests like mosquitos to breed. Keeping these channels clear is important to making sure that you don’t run into any problems. At Deegan Roofing Co., we also offer gutter selections that include leaf guards that can help prevent leaves from landing in your drainage. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Ice Dams

Hand in hand with blocked drainage channels are ice dams. As the cold sets in, ice often forms on rooftops, melted from heat waves or excess warmth emanating from your rooftop. As this chilled water drains down the slope of your roof, it heads to the gutter, but if that drain is clogged, ice dams can form more readily. This buildup of ice can lead to serious problems, including large ice formations that can damage siding or even be a hazard to vehicles or people below when they break. These dams can also potentially even causing your gutters to break from the strain. Cleaning out gutters in the fall can help prevent these problems from occurring.

Added Weight

Lastly, both stopped up water and ice can add a great deal of additional heft to your rooftop. The added weight can stress your roof, potentially leading to cracks or leaks that can allow water into your home or provide a way for heat to escape, costing you extra money in repair costs or increased heating bills. Plus, water expands as it freezes, meaning that if a small crack forms and water gets inside, when it freezes it will make that problem even worse over time. Don’t let winter take advantage of your home. Make sure that your gutters are clean and clear, and let them do what they’re intended to do – keep moisture away from your home!

Deegan Roofing has years of experience working with homes of all sizes, configurations and styles. Our expert team can inspect and repair your gutter work, add additional drainage where needed and make sure that your gutters are ready for the winter ahead. For more information on our gutter repair and installation services, contact us today!

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