Passaic County Roof CleaningMaintaining your Passaic County NJ roof is very important. With the average roof costing over $10,000 at the minimum, it makes financial sense to properly care for your investment. One of the best ways to do that is with regularly scheduled Passaic County roof cleaning. You can do it yourself, but that can be costlier than hiring a professional as well as dangerous. Here’s why you should consider hiring a professional for Passaic County roof cleaning.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Passaic County Roof Cleaning Service

    • Experience matters. Professional cleaners safely clean your roof. There are many factors that affect how a roof cleaner works on a roof. These aren’t known by an average homeowner and they can easily use too much pressure, incorrect brush strokes, and fail to account for age. Even the season and temperature can make a difference. Homeowners frequently damage their own roofs which can lead to even more costly repairs. Doing it right takes training and practice, which professionals have. Passaic County roof cleaning considerations include: The material of the roof and current age/wear of the materials, how well the roof has been maintained/upkeep, and whether there is moss/debris/etc. on the roof. This is especially critical if pressure washing is required. These machines can easily and quickly damage a roof or strip entire tiles in inexperienced hands. Professional cleaners know what pressure settings and nozzles to use based on material and wear. This gets your roof clean without the risk of damage.
    • Professional roof cleaners keep you safe. One of the costliest mistakes a homeowner can make is trying to clean a roof when they do not possess the right equipment or have physical limitations. The stability of a roof can be very misleading. Moss can be incredibly slippery, even in small amounts. All it takes is one misplaced step to cause a fall. Medical bills outweigh the cost of any Passaic County roof cleaning. If you have any trouble with mobility you should seriously consider a pro. After all, you’re only saving money if everything goes exactly as planned. That’s also assuming you clean at the level of a professional. Missing any area or cleaning a roof improperly can negate the whole process.
    • Save money by making your roof last. A new roof isn’t cheap. No matter what kind of roof you have on your home or business, it’s cheaper in the long run to maintain it than it is to replace it. At minimum, a new roof costs $10,000. It can rise to over $30,000 depending on the materials and building type. Regular Passaic County roof cleaning removes contaminants that can weather and destroy your roof. These may be eating away at wood, prying off granules on asphalt, or removing rust inhibiting coating on metal. A Passaic County roof cleaning company knows which products and cleaning methods to use. They can take the best care of your roof no matter what material it is, so you save money in the long run.
    • Roof cleaning also protects your foundation. You may not realize the effect that moss and debris can have. These can block downspouts and channel water to the side of your home. The purpose of a downspout is to direct water away from the foundation. If it cannot be re-directed it can penetrate the ground directly surrounding your home. During heavy periods of rain this can reach your foundation and cause cracks. A broken foundation is extremely costly, and roof cleaning frequently includes the cleaning of gutters and testing of downspouts for efficiency.
    • Restore the beauty of your building. You want your home to look good. This is especially true when you’re trying to sell or rent it. For businesses, there’s never a time where you want your property to look bad. Regular Passaic County roof cleaning keeps contaminants from affecting the appearance of your roof. Once actual roofing materials begin to break down you may need repairs to get the “like new” look you want. If you remain proactive you won’t have to take that step and can keep materials from being broken down or significantly worn.

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