When was the last time you had a roof cleaning? Getting your roof cleaned is very important to your home as it protects and maintains your roof. Having things such as mold and algae grow on your roof can lead to many problems. Find out why you need to get scheduled a roof cleaning now!

Why Should I Get A Roof Cleaning?

Roof Cleaning ServiceGetting roof cleanings throughout the year is important to maintain your home. A roof cleaning is one of the services that will make sure that your roof is staying in the best shape possible to be able to avoid any costly repairs or even a replacement. Here are some of the many importances of getting your roof cleaned regularly

  • Cleanliness- Having a dirty roof is definitely not aesthetically pleasing. If you are attempting to sell or rent your home, getting a roof cleaning will make your home much more attractive to potential renters and/or buyers. Getting your roof cleaned will really give your home a polished look.
  • Expenses- If your do not regularly get roof cleanings, you are just building up issues on it! Just like going to the dentist, you can save yourself serious money by getting regular cleanings instead of ignoring the issues until you need to replace the whole thing!
  • Protection- did you know that most critters come through the roof? By not cleaning your roof, you are opening your roof up to all sorts of animals such as squirrels and chipmunks. Roofs can grow things such as algae and mold, which will then cause wood rot. The wood rot attractions animals, as well as creates holes, which then will allow them to enter your home and wreak havoc. Additionally, having wood rot leads to holes in your roof that will allow water to seep in and create water damage.
  • Debris- cleaning your roof can take care of all of the debris such as shingle granules, tree branches, and leaves that can create bigger damage latter on.


Ready to Get A Roof Cleaning?

Roof Cleaning CompanyIf you are looking to prevent all this damage and save yourself both money and a headache in the future, call Deegan Roofing today! Deegan Roofing has been providing stellar customer service to the NJ area for over 25 years. Family owned and operated, Deegan Roofing promises to uphold its promise of using only the most efficient materials and products for roof cleaning, installations, and repairs. Contact Deegan today at 908-322-6405 or visit the website today!

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