Many people think that gutter guards will prevent them from needing Red Bank Gutter Repair altogether.  This is not true.  Though good in theory and for various situations, gutter guards can leave you at risk for needing more repairs in the future. This is, when they are not properly maintained.  Here are five reasons why gutter guards are not a once and done fit it option, and why you need to keep up with good gutter maintenance to keep your gutters working efficiently and lasting as long as they are supposed to!

Beat the Guards for Red Bank Gutter Repair

Debris Build Up

First, if you have a gutter guard installed over your gutter, debris can build up on top of the mesh from the guard.  If you installed the guard because of excessive leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. coming from your roof into the gutter, the same dirt and leaves will pile up on top of the mesh screen over your gutter.  Though the gutter will probably stay much cleaner and free flowing when it is maintained, maintenance will still be necessary.  The worst thing that you can do as a homeowner is think that installing a gutter guard equals no more gutter repair or maintenance, and that is not the case!

The Green House Effect

Next, a mesh screen over your gutter will not keep out the tiniest of things, such as dirt and seeds.  Combine those two ingredients with some good old standing H2O and what have you got?  Seedlings!  No one wants plants growing in their gutters, so make sure that you keep your gutters properly pitched and draining water freely.  Otherwise, you may be at risk for plant growth, even with a mesh gutter guard!

No Difference

Third, a mesh screen can still allow small twigs, leaves, dirt, etc. to get through into your gutter, and make it more difficult to clean in the long run.  Though you won’t be at risk for your son’s tennis ball to bounce up into the gutter, you will not be prevented from most of the dirt and debris that comes down with the rain off your roof.

Mud, Mud, Mud

As we’ve mentioned already, a mesh gutter guard is no match for dirt and therefore mud!  Mud will easily build up in a neglected gutter even if there is a mesh guard, so be sure your gutter is always running freely by routinely inspecting after a rain storm or ice melt.  Even just a peek out of a second story window can sometimes be enough to determine if mud is building up in your gutters or not.

No Perfect System

Don’t be fooled by the “professional” who says there is a 100% clog free system of gutter covers. There is not.  All gutters need to be properly maintained and repaired to be sure there is proper pitching, correct drainage, no leaks, and no holes or cracks.

For more information about gutter guards and how to properly maintain and repair your gutters with and without them, call your favorite local gutter specialist.  If you are looking for a great Red Bank Gutter Repair specialist, call Deegan Roofing today, or find out more on our home page!

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