Natural Slate roofs have many benefits, but enjoying these benefits depends on how much care your roof receives.  Natural slate can last many years, but they do require adequate maintenance, like any other roofing material.  Adequately cleaning your slate roof is key to maintaining its beauty.


Advantages of Slate Roofs

Slate roofs continue to outperform other roof systems because of the following benefits:

  • Slate roofs are economical: They are one of the most affordable roofs when considering their long life cycle.
  • Long useful life: Natural slate has a high resistance to rain, temperature changes, wind, and impact from objects.
  • Aesthetics: The aesthetic value – colors and design – of natural slate is unique and pretty.


Inspect your Slate Roof

Before the start of the rainy or cold season, we advise you to inspect your slate roof.  To ensure that moisture has not adversely harmed the roof, perform this task in the spring or summer as well.  Slate roofs require little maintenance but keeping them clean and in good shape is necessary, so they can serve you much longer.


Cleaning With Pressurized Water

Using high-pressure water jets is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clean a slate roof.  These eliminate accumulated dirt, dust, mold, and small plant growth.  If you’re considering cleaning your slate roof yourself, beware of the danger of working on slate roofs.  It’s imperative not to walk on a slate roof, as this can cause significant damage.  When cleaning the roof, one must also be careful not to apply the jet from the bottom up.  As a result, some shingles may lift or become loose, allowing water to enter the space between them.  It’s always recommended to clean the debris out of the gutters afterward.

You may need a roofing expert to install or clean slate roofs because there are risks involved, and only experts are familiar with the methods for doing so.  This is where Deegan Roofing comes in.


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