Union County Commercial Panel Siding

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March 12, 2020

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Are you looking for a contractor to hire for a Union County commercial panel siding project? If so, it may seem like you have your work cut out for you. With so many contractors out there, it can be difficult to determine which one to go with. Ideally, you want a commercial contractor that won’t need to hire multiple subcontractors to get the job done, as communication wires could get crossed. Below are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your Union County commercial panel siding projections:

Commercial Panel Siding in Union CountyUnion County Commercial Panel Siding | Get Multiple Bids:

When you are doing a Union County commercial panel siding project, there are going to be plenty of contractors who want to work with you. One easy way to narrow down your search is by asking for bids from commercial contractors. During this part of the process, commercial contractors will draw up specific plans for your project and estimate the costs associated with executing them. It will allow you to see how much each commercial contractor will charge you so that you can make an informed decision before hiring one.

Union County Commercial Siding | Properly Licensed & Insured:

Before you let a contractor start working on your Union County commercial panel siding project, you need to make sure they have the proper license and insurance. If they don’t, you could have a huge headache on your hands at some point in the near future. So check with your commercial contractor to ensure he or she has the proper licensing and insurance.

NJ Commercial Siding | Pick One that You Enjoy Communicating With:

You are going to spend a lot of time talking to your contractor in the coming weeks and months, and in most cases, you’re going to be talking about things you want to see done during your project. You need to make sure you feel comfortable speaking with your commercial contractor, and you also need to make sure your commercial contractor represents you and your company well when working on your behalf. Your commercial contractor will likely be speaking with those who work and live around you throughout the course of your project, so you want someone who can communicate clearly and make everyone feel good about the direction of your project.

Union County Commercial Panel Siding | Credentials:

One of the best ways to ensure you’re selecting a qualified and trained contractor is to check their credentials. This includes ongoing training, certifications, and other symbols of expertise that go beyond just being a contractor. If they only have credentials from manufacturer-sponsored programs it may be a possible red flag, as those programs are more concerned with sales than actual installation practices.

Union County Commercial Panel SidingCommercial Panel Siding in Union County | Years in Business:

The longer a company has been in business, the more likely they are to have a steady business backed by experienced and qualified contractors. While new companies are still valid options to consider, it’s important to remember that they need to be able to prove their worth in other ways before giving them a chance.

Union County Panel Siding | Referrals:

Just like you wouldn’t hire an employee without references, you don’t want to hire a contractor without doing the same. Get from them a list of ten names and numbers along with photos of previously completed work. This allows you a chance to see how they do before you commit. A company that doesn’t have or won’t provide referrals is one you should consider staying away from.

Panel Siding in Union County | Workmanship Warranty:

In general, there are two warranties. One is the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the siding material against defects in manufacturing. The other is a workmanship warranty. This is provided by the contractor and is a measure of protection against installation problems. Basically, a contractor should be willing to back up his/her work with a warranty. In addition to the length of warranty period, consider the intent and ability of the contractor to fulfill the terms of the warranty. It doesn’t help you if they are incapable of fixing the problem or leave the warranty open-ended enough to not be liable to fix anything.

NJ Commercial Siding Contractor | Employ Installers or Subcontract:

Many siding companies are qualified and are led by a team of equally qualified contractors as their leaders. However, many of them also like to subcontract their work. It saves the company money and allows them to not have to maintain a large employee base. However, subcontractors are rarely as qualified and the installation quality may be found lacking. Take the time to verify if the company employs its own contractors or if they subcontract. At the very least, they should be willing and capable of closely managing the crew they contract out.

Looking for the Best Company for Union County Commercial Panel Siding?

Finding a Union County commercial panel siding professional may not seem too easy at first. With so many roofing and siding “experts” in Union County, NJ, who do you trust?  Here at Deegan Roofing, you can be sure that you have the pros on your side. We are business in the Scotch Plains, Union County area since 1989, this company is not only professional, but expert in all roofing, siding, gutters, mold remediation, and carting!  Since then, Deegan Roofing has expanded throughout the whole state of New Jersey. With all of that area covered in their customer radius, you can be sure the reputation holds fast. For more information, or for a free estimate, visit their home page:

NJ Roofing

NJ Roofing Company

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Brien Deegan is the company owner and founder. “I attribute much of our longevity and success to a number of factors. We are a family owned and operated company, with my sons and Michael Deegan, my nephew, right at my side. I have a great, hand-picked staff of people who have been with us a long time. Above all that, our goal has always been to put honesty and the needs of our customers ahead of profit.”

After 30 years in the roofing business, Deegan Roofing holds a state license in good standing and a complaint-free record, an A+ Better Bureau Business rating, Deegan still personally writes up many estimates in order to have personal contact with his customers.

Deegan Roofing is highly committed to giving back helping the community. They work with charitable groups and veterans organizations on a regular basis. Currently in partnership with GAF, they are helping military veterans and retirees in the Roofs for Troops program



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Our contractors at Deegan Roofing have been offering quality service and products since 1989. As a family owned business, we understand that you want and need the best structure for you and your home.

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