Warren Gutter Repair

Warren Gutter Repair

Looking for the best Warren Gutter repair tips to keep your rain gutters working efficiently for as long as possible?  Damaged gutters or downspouts can lead to more than just wet siding.  Water building up under the foundation of your home can depreciate the structural integrity, not to mention cause water build up behind the walls and siding.  Avoid the worst troubles associated with damaged gutters by following these three easy gutter repair tips.

Warren Gutter Repair Tips

Repairing a Hole

Whether due to rust or falling branches, a hole in your gutter is a bad thing!  Sometimes people will drill a hole right in the aluminum, copper, or steel gutter to eliminate standing water.  But what they should have done is raised the level of the gutter so it is sloping downward.  Take the two dollars it will cost to purchase a tube of cement roofing and a metal repair patch.  Be sure the repair patch is larger than the damaged area and be sure it is made of the same material that the gutter is made of.

Clean any debris from out of the gutter, then more thoroughly clean with a stiff-bristle wire brush.  Cut out any rust around the hole, then patch it up!  Slap on a thick amount of the roofing cement with a caulking gun or putting knife. Be sure to spread your adhesive (cement) around a few inches around the hole on all sides.  Then press down our pre-trimmed metal patch firmly so it creates a seal.  This patch job shouldn’t take long, and it is definitely worth the time and effort to repair a hole in your leaky gutter!

Repairing Leaky Joints

Different than a hole in your gutter, if the joints between the lengths in your gutter are failing, they may begin to drip.  A small drip can sometimes lead to a big drip, or can freeze and extend the hole in your once-seamless gutters.  Follow the same method in repairing a leaky joint as you would for repairing a leaky hole (described above).

Repairing Sagging Gutters

Lastly, considering repairing sagging gutters so no standing water builds up or guides water in the wrong direction.  Ferrules are the tubular sleeves that hold the spikes where most gutters are fastened down.  If one of these spikes pulls free from it’s positioning, the gutter can sag or fall down.  Longer gutter screws should be positioned in place of the large spikes so the gutter will not sag or fall down.

Warren Gutter Repair

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