Does your roof have a lot of mold or moss on it and you need Clifton roof cleaning? A dirty roof can prove to be a lot more harmful to your home than you may expect. If you notice dark spots on your roof, it’s in your best interest to contact a roofing contractor and get your roof cleaned before on deeper damage is done. Contrary to popular belief, a dirty and moldy roof does more than just damage aesthetics.

Clifton Roof Cleaning – Possible Damage

Most people are aware of the harmful effects of mold. But how will these effect you if the mold is outside on your roof? Mold is able to feed off of the minerals and materials in your roof, and that allows it to grow and thrive. These moldy areas which are general dark in nature, absorb more sunlight and will cause your home to be warmer on the inside. This will increase costs for air-conditioning in the summer months.

As mold builds up, there is also the possibility that it will damage your roof itself. It eats away at some of your roofing and can eventually cause damage that you will need to get repaired.

There are also health concerns that may arise from excess amounts of mold building up on your roof. Mold can have very harsh effects on the respiratory system and can be very harmful for people with asthma or allergies to it. While generally it will take a very large amount of mold on your roof for the effects to be felt indoors, it is still possible that it is drawn in through air conditioning or when you go into the attic.

Do You Need Clifton Roof Cleaning Services?

Roof cleaning is necessary for any home for more than just aesthetic value. Deegan Roofing is exactly the contractor you’re looking for for your Clifton roof cleaning. For over 25 years we’ve provided quality roofing services to NJ homeowners. Our work extends past just Clifton to Paramus, Toms River, Cranford, Garwood, Clark, and many more! Contact Deegan Roofing today!

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