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Save time, money, and frustration by knowing when you need to consider a new roof or Edison Roof Repair!  Though some roof fixes may seem easy enough to do for the novice fixer-upper, we suggest calling a professional.  Here we will discuss some indicators that you are either in need of a few roof repairs or a new roof altogether, and should give Deegan Roofing a call!

Signs You Need Edison Roof Repair (or a new roof altogether!)

Common Environmental Hazards That Can Harm Your Roof

Wind damage can cause cracks in your shingles.  If you know that your roof is holding up well, minus a few cracks, it may be possible to just replace the few damaged shingles and call it a day.  Check with a professional, though, to be sure there isn’t a bigger underlying issue.  You may be better off replacing the whole roof if the cracks are not limited to a small section of roofing.

Visible Warping

If the shingles on your roof are warping, curling, cupping, or clawing, you may have a leak that has gone unnoticed, or you may be close to a leaky problem in the near future.  If you only have a few curling shingles, you may not need a full roof replacement, but don’t hesitate to get it checked out by a professional to see what they suggest.


As you look over your roof you notice a few shingles are missing, you probably don’t need to be extremely concerned.  There is usually no problem with replacing a few shingles here and there that may have come off.  Keep in mind, though, that matching the color and granule type of your twenty year old shingles may be next to impossible.  If you aren’t interested in a mismatched roof, a new roof may be in your future.


A good roof should last up to thirty years, give of take.  For that reason, if you know the roof on your home or business is approaching twenty or twenty five years, consider an inspection.  Also take notice of others in your neighborhood whose homes were built around the same time.  If they start to have issues with their roofs or are replacing them, it may be time for you to as well.

“Let there be light!”  Well . . . don’t.

Light coming into your attic from your roof is clearly not a good sign.  If you can see sunlight from your attic, you are definitely in need of at least a few good repairs.  Check for light through any cracks and for any stains from precipitation.  If light can get in, so can water and wind.  Call a professional!

Say “NO” to Sagging

Lastly, a sagging roof is a sure sign that you are in need of some repairs, or a new roof altogether!  In fact, if your roof is sagging, consider this a roofing emergency and call a professional ASAP!  A sagging roof can be a sign of a compromised foundation or a problem with the supports in your highest floor (attic or storage space).

Deegan Roofing is the Best in Edison Roof Repair and surrounding communities in New Jersey!  Call today!


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