The frequency of Fanwood roof installation projects dwindles during the winter, yet problems occur with a roof in the damp, colder, snowier months. Here are some things to consider if you are in need of a Fanwood roof installation, but are unsure about going through with it because of the time of year:

Fanwood Roof Installation in Winter

  • Pro: Price – With Fanwood roof installation projects slowing down in the colder months it is easier to negotiate a better price. Discounts during winter can range from 10-25% compared to the spring and summer. The main reason for this is that it is important to keep roofing crews busy. Nobody wants to their top Fanwood roof installation crew to experience a lack of work.
  • Pro: Quick Turnaround – With the winter slow down comes more openings in the schedule which translates to a quicker turnaround time for getting Fanwood roof installation done. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing a leak and need an emergency work order.
  • Con: Shingles Take More Time to Seal – Asphalt shingles are manufactured with a seal strip on them which keeps the shingle laying flat against the surface of the row below it once it seals. This can be a concern in some regions because you’d need enough mild days and sun to promote proper sealing.

Looking for Expert Fanwood Roof Installation Services?

Deegan Roofing has been specializing in Fanwood roof Installation services for over 25 years.  Deegan Roofing provides roof repair, roof replacement and a variety of other Fanwood roofing services.  As a family owned and operated business, we are among the largest and most trusted roofers in the great state of New Jersey. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we make sure to only use the highest quality materials to provide outstanding services.  With countless projects under our belt, we are always ready to work with both new and existing customers. We specialize in Fanwood roof repair, but we also provide Westfield roof repair, Clark roof repair, Nutley roof repair, and we serve the towns of Edison, Warren, Cranford, Clifton, Wayne, Paramus and MANY more. Contact us today for more information!

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