Solar Panels obtains direct energy from the Sun causing less pollution as it replaces fossil fuels.  Putting up Solar Panels to your roof is a great way towards preventing climate change.  If you want to help change the world in your own little ways with a few costs that are worth a long time, consider a Solar Panel Installation now.  Before installing one, here are some Roof Requirements for Solar Panels you need to check.

Going solar?  Roofing requirements


Do you know how old is your roof?  When was the last time you had them repaired?  If your roof shows signs of cupping, lifting or other damage, make sure to have them repaired first before considering solar panels.  You may inquire with our Deegan Roof Repair Services to know if your roof can already support the solar panels you need.

You may also check the warranty for your roof and the solar panel that you will get.  If the warranty of your solar panel is about 10 years and the warranty of your roof is only about 5 years, you may want to consider finding a new roof to better support the solar panels needed to be installed.  Optimally, the warranty should last 20 years for the solar panels and the roof.



Does your roof have enough space where the solar panels will be placed?  An average size for a good space on the roof would be 400-600 square feet.  Usually, each solar panel takes about 18 square feet.  The ideal roof for solar panels should be 30-40 degrees with a slanted style rather than a flat one.  Slanted roofs are the best option for solar panels but having flat roofs is just as fair.  Ask a professional Solar Panel Installation about what works best for your roof!  Consider placing the solar panels over the garage roof and not on the home.



Is your roof made out of shingles, clay, or slate?  Make sure to inspect your roofs first before installing a solar panel.  Solar panels work best with shingles as they are the most popular and easiest type of roof to attach to a solar panel.  Clay or slate roofs tend to break, that’s why it is not advisable for solar panels to be put onto that surface.  You really need to be extra careful when you have a clay or slate roof.  Inquire for the help of a Deegan roof expert if you want to get your roof checked for it to be compatible for solar panel installation.



If you want to get the quality amount of sunlight, you need to know where your roof is facing.  You need to determine where to put the solar panels to get the best source of sunlight and have good placement for them.  Most professionals say that your roof should be facing the South with 180-195 degrees orientation to receive the most amount of sunlight for your panels.  Learn more about how solar panels work to better understand its benefits.



Solar panels need to be exposed to the sun for a long time to recharge the energy that it has given off in the past hours.  It should get a continuous amount of sunlight for about 6 hours or more.  Obstructions such as chimneys, dormers, shadows from the trees, buildings, or neighbors whose house is taller than yours should be limited.  If your solar panel does not have a clear path to get the right amount of sunlight, chances are the production of electricity is reduced.



Installing solar panels on your roof would mean increasing the weight that it should hold.  If your roof is not sturdy enough to carry the weight of the solar panel that will be installed, chances are, it will collapse.  This will be dangerous for your family, and it will cost you more expenses for roof and solar panel repairs.  Not to mention the cost of an installation service for both.  If you don’t want to experience this painstaking situation to happen, have a professional roofing service to evaluate the needs of your roof before a solar panel installation.



Making the switch to clean and renewable energy takes a lot of money.  A solar installation will cost you an average between $15,000 – $29,000.  You will be needing a big amount of money if you want to have a green alternative for your energy sources.  It is a big investment, but it will also help you reduce costs for a long time when you find the right solar panel installation services.  Installing solar panels would mean a perfect renewable energy source which helps improve the environment and public health.  Make the right choices now and get bigger savings tomorrow!


Going solar?  Roofing requirements

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