Are you in need of a roofing contractor near Lebanon, NJ? If so, you want to be sure that you’re hiring the right one for the job. There are countless Lebanon roofers out there who all want your business. While some of them may be reputable and perform quality work, others are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Today, we will go over some warning signs to look out for when choosing a Lebanon roofing contractor.

Lebanon Roofing Contractor | How to Spot a Bad One


They Want Money Up Front:

Be very wary of Lebanon roofing contractors that ask for money up front before starting work. This is an unfortunate scam that roofers will try to pull on customers in order to get free capital to complete the job. And, once you pay them this money, they will often disappear and leave your roof damaged worse than it was before.

The Lebanon Roofing Company Doesn’t Have a Physical Office:

A roofing company in Lebanon, NJ should have some type of physical office or base of operations so that you can go there if necessary. If they don’t even have an office, how are you supposed to contact them? Some roofers may claim not having one because they “want their business to grow” but this doesn’t make sense because it’s not good for your roofing project to hire them!

They’re Incredibly Difficult to Get in Touch With:

If your Lebanon roofers are difficult to get in touch with, then how will they be able to finish your project? Another of a shady roofing contractor’s tactics is to make it difficult for you to get information about the roofing project, such as what time they will be at your property. If roofers are truly as professional as they claim to be, then they should always quickly respond like roofing contractors who aren’t trying to scam others.

They Don’t Provide References:

If a Lebanon roofing company refuses to provide references and other proof of their quality, this should be another warning sign for you. You can contact names and numbers that roofers provided if necessary but many roofers won’t even give you the chance to do this because they don’t want any word getting out about how unprofessional or untrustworthy their company is. While there may always be exceptions in cases where roofers aren’t professional or trustworthy, this is something that you should be on the look out for as a roofing contractor!

They’re Pushy and Pressure You Into Hiring Them Right Away:

When NJ roofers are trying to push and pressure you into hiring them right away, it’s often because they think that their roofing services will soon become less competitive. For example, roofers might try to pressure clients with limited timeframes for roof replacement before another roofer gets to them first. Since roofers generally make money by completing roof replacements and other types of projects quickly but also charging more per project than they would if the job were spread over multiple days, this is why they are so eager to get customers. If roofers have this kind of mindset, then you should still do your roofing homework and get other roofers to provide quotes so that you can decide who the best roofer is.

The Lebanon Roofers Use “Bait and Switch” Tactics:

With roofers employing “bait and switch” tactics, they will either try to get you to choose them by giving you false information about other roofers or they will bully their way into securing the job. Either case is bad news for you as a customer because often these roofers are simply trying to maximize their profits at your expense.

They Don’t Offer Written Contracts or Quotes:

A NJ roofer shouldn’t be able to get away without providing a written contract or quote. While roofers may argue that customers wouldn’t read it anyway, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t give one because if their services are actually good, then any customer will gladly read through the contract and take advantage of it! A roofing contractor shouldn’t try to get out of having a contract for this very reason: basic business practices dictate that there must be something in writing when money exchanging hands. Even if it’s a roofer that isn’t trying to scam, they should still provide a roofing quote because it lets you know what you can expect to pay.

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