Nutley Roof Inspections are a great way to asses the wear and tear on your roof, as well as estimate how much life is left in your roofing.  It is also a common necessity for home buyers when they are trying to purchase a home. The lifespan of a roof can vary based on how much weathering your roof goes through in addition to how well it was installed and the quality of materials used in the installation process.  The life of a roof can also vary based on the season your roof was installed in!  The last thing you want to do after purchasing a new home is have to install a whole new roof.

Consider Nutley Roof Inspections

The main goal of a roof inspection is to determine the integrity of your roof.  An inspector is looking at how long your roof will last and can determine when it may need to be replaced.  Luckily, inspectors are trained to see what’s going on under the surface without tearing your shingles off.  Some of the techniques used to inspect a roof include infrared rays, binoculars from the ground up, and actually climbing up a ladder to get a closer look.

Thermal infrared roof inspections can be used in place of or in conjunction with a traditional roof inspection.  An assessment from a thermal inspection an help you locate any damaged parts of your roof or of the roofing structure.  This will allow you to repair any small problems before they spiral into major conditions.  Water damage in particular can rot an entire roof!  Not something to laugh about!

Infrared roof inspections are just that:  they use infrared rays to determine the different types of materials on your roof.  Because different roofing materials have different thermal mass, the infrared camera will allow the inspector to examine the roof without actually going up on the roof to see what is going on.  For example, during the day when the sun is out, the roof will be heated by solar energy.  As the sun sets, the roof will begin to cool, relatively evenly.  But if there is a leak in your roof at any point, the insulation of the roof will dampen and even get really wet.  This will have a different thermal mass than your remaining dry roof.  Consider that the wet areas will keep the heat longer, and that’s what shows up on the infrared camera.  This is just one example.

An experienced professional is absolutely essential when talking about an investment of Nutley roof inspections.  You want to be sure the person checking out your roof knows roofs like the back of their hand.  You want your inspector to know all there is to know about installing the type of roof that you have, using the materials that your roof is made of, and, if they are using an infrared system, have a great deal of experience reading those results as well!

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