Being lied to is the worst because it is a betrayal of trust.  Betrayal is even more disheartening when you’re losing money. Homeowners should be wary of roofers that are up to no good. Roof replacement is expensive.  While most roofing companies are dependable and trustworthy, you should still watch out for the shady one who will tell you convincing lies. For Quality Roofers NJ,  Deegan Roofers deliver.

How to Spot a Shady Roofing Company


There are a lot of sneaky ways that shady roofers try to convince you to allow them to handle your insurance claim on your behalf.  The most frequent Deegan Roofing hears from homeowners most is that several of the so-called roofers visited their homes and said that they would handle their claim for them.  They stated that they would do the roof for no down payment, no out of pocket expense and give the homeowner a thousand dollars back under the table.

This may sound like a great deal.  However, it’s really like saying, hey, if you let me steal all your insurance claims money and rip off your insurance company, I’ll give you a thousand dollars back of your own money. What a kind and thoughtful contractor!  There is one thing that homeowners seem to not fully understand.  Your insurance claims money is your money.  Flipping the check is not the correct way to hire a contractor.  Nearly all the complaints received against poor roofing work were because of shady deals.

Written estimates

Homeowners should always demand written estimates upfront from any contractor being considered for hire.  A contractor’s written estimate speaks volumes about their character and the quality of work.  Vague or cookie cutter contracts are great at foreshadowing the type of work and service they will deliver.  The contractor’s name will not appear on the estimate or contract.  Moreover, a quality roofer should produce a well written estimate while at your property.  Visiting the home, only to then need to email you later or talk to someone else first, almost always means you are dealing with a middleman or commission salesperson and not the actual contractor.  Contractor written detailed estimates indicate professionalism.

Written estimates and contracts that do not specifically state the product names and codes are deceptive.  Special same day prices and pressure tactics are unreliable.  Out of state roofing contractors do not give you the protection of New Jersey Law requiring license and insurance.  Companies that are trying to scam you do not offer repair services. Quality Roofers NJ offer repair services.

Online Reviews

There are literally thousands of storm chasers all over the New Jersey area calling themselves roofers.  Most of them may even actually have a presence online with a proper website and even social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Yelp, Google and Bing.  However, many these contractors are also doing a lot of work to hide their online deficiencies from you.

The one thing a roofing contractor cannot fake is the experience of their previous customers.  Especially, when customers have a negative experience.An upset customers will go far out of their way to write a negative review against a roofing company.  Additionally, a quick complaint search can easily eliminate contractors you should avoid.  For security of your money do not use a contractor with unresolved complaints.  Deegan Roofers are Quality Roofers NJ, and we resolve all client complaints promptly.

Angie’s List, Good Contractors List and Facebook are all taking money from contractors and can easily be manipulated with faked customer reviews and even have bad reviews removed or hidden.  However, companies like “Google”, “YELP”, “Better Business Bureau”, and “Rip Off Report” are the top 4 online places to find real customer complaints and customer reviews that cannot be faked. It’s your money.  Why risk it.  Nothing personal.  Just business.

Quality Roofers NJ

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