Thinking of getting a Roofer Bergen County company? If you are worried about the condition of your roof, it may be time to get a professional roofer to come and inspect your roof as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of your roof, you may need a new roof or a NJ roof repair to prevent any damage to your home and family. There are certain things to look for that tell you it may be time for a new roof.

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Roofer Bergen County | Age of Roof

Roofs are made to last a long time. Effects from wind, rain and other severe weather items can damage and shorten the life of a roof. When having your roof examined, the roofer will determine how old your roof really is. If you have not replaced your roof, your roof may need to be replaced or repaired to make sure that your home is protected. An experienced roofer will know what your home needs.

Roofer Bergen County | Shingles

If you are noticing some of the shingles are buckling or curling, usually this happens when there is moisture under the shingles. Somehow water is getting in under the shingles and causing them to curl. A professional roofer can inspect and see what is actually happening to the roof and get it fixed as soon as possible. Missing shingles can be holes in the roof which can damage the roof further. Getting professional help can determine if the roof needs some repairs or needs to be replaced. Also, finding pieces of shingles in the gutters can be a sign of missing and damaged shingles. If left un-resolved, you are running the risk of major damage to your roof and home.

Roofer Bergen County | Damaged Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing on the roof prevents water from entering the home. This is where the chimney meets the roof. When the flashing is not in good condition, it needs to be replaced to keep the roof from getting damaged. Roof valleys are channels that run on an angle on the roof and can get leaves caught in it. If leaves or other debris gets caught, rainwater cannot properly drain off of the roof. Checking to see how the roof valleys are is very important to prevent damage to your roof and home.

Roofer Bergen County | Roof Damage

When visiting your attic and seeing daylight shining through, may be an issue with the roof boards. Either you may need a new roof, or you may need some repairs. A professional roofer can check for any holes and make sure there is no moisture in the insulation. A roofer can also check for any fittings and make sure they are strong and fastened onto the roof. Where there are loose fittings, there are damaged shingles or damaged flashing. It needs to be investigated quickly. Signs of water damage is very obvious. Your walls or ceilings may even be wet when you touch it. Water damage is a sure sign that something is wrong with your roof. Your roof has to be looked at by a professional to provide a good diagnose.

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