Has a Somerset County metal roof installation ever crossed your mind for when it’s time to replace your roof? For decades, shingles have been the most popular roofing material used for residential homes. However, in recent years, metal roofs have been catching up in popularity with homeowners and home building trends. There are many great reasons to consider a metal roof installation in Somerset County when looking through roof options.

Somerset County Metal Roof Installation | Variety & Options:

Metal roofs are versatile, offering you a variety of different colors and attractive styles to choose from. Whether you want to make a bold architectural statement or add a subtle touch to the exterior of your home, there’s no shortage of options with a metal roof. There are even metal roofs that are made to look like traditional shingle and tile roofs – giving your home the protection you want without having to compromise the style you’re looking for.

Metal Roof Installation in Somerset County | Increase Property Value:

Somerset County metal roof installation tends to be more complicated than installing shingles, so you can expect the pricing to vary from a standard shingle roof. However, the initial investment is worth the value you’ll receive through the years from your metal roof. Metal roofs last anywhere from 30 to 50+ years, require very little maintenance and are easier to repair than other types of roofs. Another bonus is that they can be great for boosting your home’s resale value.

Somerset County Metal Roof InstallationSomerset County Metal Roofing | Durability:

Durability is an important factor to consider. With the threat of hurricanes and the heavy rains that summer brings, your roof needs to be able to handle whatever elements are thrown its way. Metal roofs are proven to withstand extreme winds and shield your home from flying debris and heavy downpours. This added durability means fewer headaches to worry about if hurricanes or a heavy storm season does occur.

Somerset County Metal Roofing Contractor | Lower Energy Costs:

Who doesn’t like saving money especially on their electric bill each month? Metal is one of the most energy efficient roofing materials available providing savings in energy costs and efficient insulation in the winter. Coated metal roofs can reflect more solar energy than an asphalt roof, which absorbs and holds heat. This leads to cooler summers, which is especially important for those of us living in Florida. Metal roofs provide your home with protection and value that will last for years to come.

Metal Roofing in Somerset County | Greener Alternative:

If being eco-friendly is important to your roofing choice, then a metal roof may be the perfect solution to your home’s roofing needs. Somerset County metal roof installation reduces waste as it is installed over your existing roof, eliminating discarded old roofing materials sent to landfills. Some metal roofs are even made from recycled materials, making your home even more green and your environmental footprint even less.

Looking for the Best Somerset County Metal Roof Installation Services?

If you’re searching for the best Somerset County metal roofer, Deegan Roofing is the place to hire! We have been in business for over 30 years. We are a family-owned and operated company. Our main goal has always been to put honesty and the needs of our customers ahead of profit. With our expertise and knowledge, we will always protect your home. Deegan Roofing holds a state license in good standing and with a complaint-free record. Deegan Roofing is highly committed to giving back to the community. We love working with charitable groups and veteran organizations. Give us a call today for all your roofing needs.

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