Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Are you Preparing Your Roof for Winter? Are you ready for the cold winter months? You need the best NJ roof snow removal company. Winter is just around the corner. It is crucial that part of the preparation for the cold winter months include an inspection of your roof. This is even more important if your home is in an area of the country that usually receives a significant amount of snow and harsh weather. There are a few steps in preparing your roof:

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Preparing Your Roof for Winter | Cleanup

Preparing your roof for the winter months involves a thorough cleaning starting in the Fall season. Remove all fallen tree limbs and leaves by using a broom or a long pole to be able to get to the very top. If you are not comfortable or feel uneasy doing this yourself, contact a professional contractor to prevent doing any further damage to your roof. Once the leaves and limbs are removed, the professional will inspect the roof for further damage like missing shingles and/or holes. Professionals will also clean out your gutters of all debris to reduce ice buildup during the cold winter months.

Preparing Your Roof for Winter | Inside Inspection

Once the roof and gutters have been cleaned out and checked for any additional damage, it is best to start inspecting the inside of the home. The ceiling must be checked for any signs of water damage or stains. If there is evidence of water damage it could be because of incorrect roof installation. It is important to replace sections of the roof that require repair or if the damage is extent, you may need to replace the entire roof.

Preparing Your Roof for Winter | Ice Obstruction

As the Winter months start to creep in, it is critical to often check the roof for any ice damming. Ice damming occurs when heat from inside the home leaks through the roof because of weak insulation. The snow melts on the roof and then trickles and drips into the gutters. As the water freezes again, it will cause an obstruction of ice in the gutter and part of the roof. Ice dams will cause major damage to your roof because of the extra weight it produces.

Preparing Your Roof for Winter | Check Surrounding Areas

As important as it is to inspect your roof, you also need to take into consideration the surrounding areas near your roof. Look for trees that are near your home that can affect your roof during the cold winter months. Snow adds weight to surrounding trees and branches that can hang over your home and add unnecessary weight onto your roof. A professional contractor will evaluate and remove all debris that can damage your roof and home.

Searching for the best way of Preparing Your Roof for Winter? Contact Deegan Roofing for all your roofing needs. Following these simple steps of preparing your roof for the winter will extend the life of your roof. Colder weather can cause roofing material to become more delicate than normal which makes it easier to damage. All broken tree limbs and debris should be removed from the roof at least once a year to expand the life of your roof. Whether you need a new roof for your home, roof cleaning, roof repairs or gutter cleaning, Deegan Roofing will be there to help you. We provide complete roofing inspections and roof repairs for your home and businesses all over New Jersey. Deegan Roofing has served numerous homeowners and are always eager to work with new and existing customers. Contact Deegan Roofing today at (908) 322- 6405 or visit our website.

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