Is your roof in rough shape and you need professional Piscataway roof mold removal services? Having mold on the roof is bad for several reasons. It reduces curb appeal, it will deteriorate your roof over time, and it can be dangerous if you have allergies. When you need mold removed, it’s important to get it done the right way. Here are a few ways that many contractors perform mold removal and what services you should look into.

Piscataway Roof Mold Removal – Common Techniques

1. Chemicals: For some contractors, they choose to use harsh chemicals to take care of your Piscataway roof mold removal. With this method there are far more cons than pros. In fact, the only pro might be that you’ll save a little money initially. When harsh chemicals are used, first and foremost you risk doing damage to your roof as well as the environment around you. All it even does is make it look like the mold is gone. It doesn’t get to the mold at it’s roots and remove it, so it’s only a matter of time before it pops up again. Try and avoid this method if possible.

2. Power Washing: This is another method that seem to work well, but in reality does less than it looks like. Power washing appears to blast away the mold that’s on your roof and leave it looking good and clean. The problem is that, similar to the chemicals, it doesn’t really get rid of the problem. It’s more like a coverup for the real issue rather than a solution. A possible side effect is that it can do damage to your roof as well if the pressure is too high. This is another method that you should be wary of.

3. Roof Shampoo: Most contractors will have this option available to you, though it may be a little more expensive than the other options. Nowadays there is specialized roof shampoos that cut to the root of the mold and remove it. It is not harmful to the environment and will not damage your roof in the process either. When roof shampoo is used for Piscataway roof mold removal services, it should be gently washed off leaving your roof clean and beautiful again. When it comes to roof cleaning services, this is the way to go.

Professional Piscataway Roof Mold Removal

Do You Need Professional Piscataway Roof Mold Removal?

If mold on your roof has become an issue, don’t wait to get Piscataway roof mold removal services. For the best in roofing services, contact Deegan Roofing today. They’ve provided the best of the best in roofing to NJ homeowners for over 25 years! They have the experience and expertise to get any job you have done right. For more information or a free estimate, contact them today by calling (908)322-6405 or visit the website!

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