New Jersey has crazy weather in the winter.  One day it is warm and balmy and the next day you are in the artic circle with blizzard conditions.   These temperature swings stress your roof.  Under certain conditions, attic condensation can create the illusion of a leaky or damaged roof.  This is why a roofing professional can save you time and expense by assessing the roof’s integrity.

Winter Condensation in Attics

As a general rule: If your roof didn’t leak during the summer and fall rains; then it’s not a roof leak in winter and spring.


What is Condensation

Condensation typically occurs during the winter and early spring months.  Attic condensation happens when warm, moist air from the main living area rises into the attic.  Cold air holds less moisture than warm air.  When the warm moist air hits the cold underside of the roof’s deck, condensation occurs and in the very cold it forms frost.   The frost will accumulate.  As the temperature warms, the frost melts creating puddles that may seem like a roof leak.


Reduce the moisture in the home

Reducing moisture in the home will reduce condensation.  Decrease sources of water evaporation like bathing, cooking, and humidifiers.   Run bathroom exhaust fans for 60 minutes after every shower or bath.  This will return indoor humidity to level to normal.   Just running the fan during the shower is not effective.

Always use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking.  Ovens generate a lot of moisture.  If you don’t have an exhaust fan, open a kitchen window to let the moist air escape and allow the dry cool air in.   Make sure your exhaust fans vent to the outside.

Run a dehumidifier in your attic.  However, you may need to empty the water collection cup multiple times a day.  This can be difficult if your attic access is challenging like a drop down ladder.


Frost Prevention

The best way to prevent frost accumulation in an attic is to seal off attic air leaks.  Make sure proper air sealing is performed in attic bypasses, vents, and fans.  Proper air sealing will minimize heat and moisture that seeps into your attic when your furnace, dryer, oven, shower is running.

Insulation should only be added after air sealing has been performed.  If insulation is added without proper air sealing, it can make the situation worse.  For limited budgets, do the air sealing.

Make sure your HVAC system is balanced.  If your heating ducts run through your attic, make sure the ducts are properly insulated.


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Roof replacement in New Jersey Winter

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