If you own a home with a shingle roof, you probably know that algae based roof stains are the unfortunate reality. If you have not experience it yet you will, and if you’re currently experiencing it, it may be time for Cranford roof cleaning. Luckily there are some steps you can take to avoid these stains and they’re fairly simple. If you’re well passed the point of needing just cleaning and find that you need a whole new roof altogether, make sure you know the different types of roofing materials for your home. There are some roofing materials that are specifically designed to help prevent stains. If your roof is not in terrible condition, however, there are some tips to help prevent algae on your own.

Cranford Roof Cleaning – Prevent the Stains

A primary component is preventing algae growth and harmful roof stains is having copper in your roof. Copper is bad for algae and so having it present in your roof will help to stop it from growing. If you have noticeable stains in your roof, you may realize that the stains are not directly underneath any metal flashing in your roof. You can purchase copper strips or galvanized sheet metal to place along your roof to help prevent algae growth. The less algae that grows, the less you need a Cranford roof cleaning service.

You can make some attempts to clean the roof yourself as a way to help keep it maintained. Always remember to take the proper safety precautions whenever you attempt to do work on your roof. You will be more susceptible to injury if you don’t take the right steps. When attempting to self-clean your roof there is a basic formula for a cleaner that you can use: 1 quart bleach, 1 gallon water, 1/4 cup of a heavy cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Mix these components into some form of spraying container and spray your roof. You will want to let it sit for a little while before rinsing it off with a hose. Keep in mind that these harsh chemicals can cause damage to the environment around you as well as wear down on the shingles themselves over time. It may not be the best idea to frequently use this cleaner on your roof for these reasons.

Do You Need Cranford Roof Cleaning Services?

Sometimes, despite the steps taken to prevent stains and damage, you may still need to hire a Cranford roof cleaning expert. If this is the case for you, look no further than Deegan Roofing! We have provided high quality roofing services to NJ homeowners for over 25 years! It is our aim to put the needs of our customers as a top priority by working with the best quality materials. We provide more than just Cranford roof cleaning as we also serve Clifton, Toms River, Piscataway, Garwood, Edison, and many more! Contact Deegan Roofing today!

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