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June 11, 2021

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Do you know whether or not your roof is in need of a Hoboken roofing contractor? A damaged roof should never be overlooked, and doing so can lead to huge problems with the structure and integrity of your home. That said, you should be actively checking your roof for damage. Instead of waiting for devastatingly expensive repairs, you be trying to prevent it. The sooner you call a Hoboken roofing contractor, like Juns Pro Services, our subsidiary, for roof repairs, the better. After all, your roof protects you from the outside elements. That’s why is is critical to make sure that it’s always in the best condition possible. Below are some of the top signs that you need to contact a Hoboken roofing contractor for roof repairs.

Hoboken Roofing ContractorHoboken Roofing Contractor | Old Roof:

Eventually, all things will need to be replaced. Windows, floors, and even the roof, need repairs and overhauls every once in a while. How long your roof will last usually depends on factors such as the construction and location of the house, the weather conditions in the area, the material of the roof, etc. On average, an asphalt shingle roof can last for about 20 years. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should wait for its time to pass until you do something about it. Even though it may look like it can withstand for a little longer, it’s not worth the risk. Replace your roof on time, and hope for the new roof to last you as long as the old one.

Roofing Contractor in Hoboken | Ceiling has Water Marks:

Aside from looking horrible, water stains are usually a sign of at least one other problem. In a best case scenario, you’ll only be dealing with a single leak. Unfortunately, you may also be dealing with a mold infestation, an ice dam (if you see spots during the winter), or roof damage. As horrible as they may sound, these are common roofing issues. The most common cause of water marks is heavy rain. Rainfall gets collected on the roof, and if you have a hole in your it, it will show up on the ceiling. Furthermore, you should know that a water spot typically shows up at the very end, when the damage has already been done. Be prepared to set aside a lot of time, money, and patience, as the reparation process for this is quite extensive.

Hoboken Roof Repair | Roof is Sagging:

A drooping, distorted roofline makes for an ugly sight. However, as displeasing to the eye as it may be, a sagging roof is a sign of a much more serious problem. It is the number one symptom of compromised structural integrity in your roof. The main culprit might be water damage or roof encumbering. The most common reason is a clogged drain, which then allows water to seep into your roof. If you don’t want to lose a good part of your roof and ceiling, you should call an Hoboken roofing contractor immediately.

Hoboken Roofing | Visible Damage, Cracks or Stains:

In case you notice certain ‘imperfections’ on the roof that weren’t there before, that’s usually a clear sign that something is wrong. For example, cracked and curled up shingles are a sign of old age. An old roof leaks, it’s full of moss, and it simply isn’t doing its job. You should have it replaced as soon as possible. Ice dams on the roof aren’t that alarming, but they do indicate poor insulation of the house. To prevent further damage from happening, you should take care of the insulation first, and not just replace the roof. Dark stains are also a common occurrence. They’re a sign of mold, and are not extremely alarming. That said, you should be somewhat vigilant about it, giving your roof a quick inspection every so often. Don’t try and power wash your roof in order to make it look cleaner, as that might make things worse.

Reasons to Use a Professional Hoboken Roofing Contractor


Roofing Contractor in HobokenRoofer in Hoboken | Safety:

Accidents and mishaps associated with roofing installations and repairs are not strange. During the construction of a house, working safety must be aptly maintained to keep unnecessary risks at bay. A certified and professional roofing contractor often maintains extreme safety by paying heed on the safety concerns of their team members during work. And even if any mishap happens, a professional Hoboken roofing contractor is equipped with a valid insurance plan that saves you from unwanted consequences.

Hoboken Roofing Company | High Quality Materials:

More often than not, a professional roofing roofer in Point Pleasant has access to high-quality roofing materials, which ensure your repair lasts a long time. Many local hardware stores are filled with low-quality roofing materials that might not withstand harsh weather elements. A professional roofer knows how to differentiate poor quality materials from higher quality ones that are suitable for your specific roofing project. Even more, most professional companies can source top-quality materials at wholesale costs.

Roofer in Hoboken | Save Money:

Many homeowners tend to believe that they can minimize their cost expenditure by doing a DIY roofing project. In most cases, homeowners who have little to no experience regarding quality roofing repairs may end up causing more harm than good. In reality, hiring professional Hoboken roofing contractors can be cost-effective, considering that they have a good rapport with suppliers, and you will get raw materials at relatively lower costs. Additionally, they are equipped with the right tools suitable for every project. If you were to buy the required tools and roofing materials on your own, your expenses would significantly increase.

Hoboken Roof Replacement | Fast & Simple Process:

Even though installing or replacing a roof is a time-consuming process, professionals will be able to provide fast and smooth service within the stipulated amount of time. Hiring an amateur involves a lot of risks, yet the job may not be completed at the right time. For example, a novice roofing company may not be able to provide a proper solution for a stubborn leak or crack. In this case, choosing the right contractor with a huge reputation in the market is a great way to ward off leaks, damps, and cracks for good without wasting much time.

Looking for a Great Hoboken Roofing Contractor?

If you’re searching for the best Hoboken roofing contractor, Deegan Roofing is the place to hire! We have been in business for over 30 years. We are a family-owned and operated company. Our main goal has always been to put honesty and the needs of our customers ahead of profit. With our expertise and knowledge, we will always protect your home. Deegan Roofing holds a state license in good standing and with a complaint-free record. Deegan Roofing is highly committed to giving back to the community. We love working with charitable groups and veteran organizations. Give us a call today for any and all of your roofing needs.

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Brien Deegan is the company owner and founder. “I attribute much of our longevity and success to a number of factors. We are a family owned and operated company, with my sons and Michael Deegan, my nephew, right at my side. I have a great, hand-picked staff of people who have been with us a long time. Above all that, our goal has always been to put honesty and the needs of our customers ahead of profit.”

After 30 years in the roofing business, Deegan Roofing holds a state license in good standing and a complaint-free record, an A+ Better Bureau Business rating, Deegan still personally writes up many estimates in order to have personal contact with his customers.

Deegan Roofing is highly committed to giving back helping the community. They work with charitable groups and veterans organizations on a regular basis. Currently in partnership with GAF, they are helping military veterans and retirees in the Roofs for Troops program



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