Do you know if you’re in need of a Hunterdon County roof replacement? Major problems, such as roofing issues, can be a nightmare for homeowners. Oftentimes, they would rather ignore until we’re forced to deal with it. That said, there are specific signs to look for that indicate that you need a Hunterdon County roof replacement, and waiting until there is an even bigger problem can make the issue and its solution more costly, time-consuming and difficult. Below are some of the top signs that you need a new roof.

Hunterdon County Roof ReplacementHunterdon County Roof Replacement | Inconsistent Shingle Color:

When a roof is healthy and strong, it will have a fluid color across its surface. However, once it starts to age, telltale signs will start to talk to you, like blotchy colors. Check your roof for inconsistency as you look at the uniformity of its color. Are there areas where the wear and tear are more obvious? Perhaps in the valleys where leaves or snow sit longer?

The presence of drastic color changes paired with a roof nearing the end of its expected life span (like a 20-year-old shingle roof) are indicators that it may be time to get a new roof.

Roof Replacement in Hunterdon County | Frequent Leaks:

This may sound silly, but you’d be surprise how many people ignore leaks. Everyone knows that a big leak should be resolved immediately, but the little leaks are signs that your roof is ready for repair or a full roof replacement. Small pin hole leaks that don’t do much damage can easily be ignored but they will continue to grow and eventually demand your attention.

Leaks are a definite sign that something may be wrong with your roof. However, water exposure of any kind is the most serious red flag. If you’re noticing any of the following watery factors, you need to sit up and take notice:

  • Water stains in ceilings or walls
  • Dripping sounds
  • Mold growing in ceilings/walls
  • High humidity levels indoors
  • Musty smell indoors

With moss growing on your roof in particular, you can do something now that prevents future issues issues.

Roofer in Central NJ | Curling/Missing Shingles:

As shingles age, they start to deteriorate. For wood and asphalt shingles the most common sign that have reached the end of their life is curling of the edges. If you see this happening to more than a couple stray shingles you are in need of a new roof very soon and you need to make plans accordingly. When a few shingles are missing, it’s likely that the other present shingles are also aging and not in the best of shape themselves.

For tiled roofs, missing tiles might signal another underlying problem. Perhaps the sealants, flashing, and nails are needing to be replaced, as they’re letting in leaks. These deteriorating parts can also let tiles slip out of position or even fall away completely.

Roofing Company in Hunterdon County | Old Age:

This is not a visual cue, but it is one of the most important signs you need a new replacement in Hunterdon County. As a rule, your roofing materials will determine how soon you’ll need a new roof. With each material having an expected life span, it helps to know what you’re working with so you know when to budget for a replacement. Many roofs are wood or asphalt shingles, with a life expectancy of several decades (around 15-30 years depending on the material used and the region your live). With shingled roofs, it will also help to know the history:

  • Was the previous roof removed?
  • How many layers of shingles are there?
  • What’s the ventilation like?

For older houses, alternate materials like clay, metal, and slate may have been used. In these cases, often the sealants, nails, and wooden supports wear out sooner than the materials.

Central NJ Roofing Contractor | Gutters Full of Debris:

Aging asphalt shingles start to shed the embedded granules the last couple years of their life. When your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, granules and pieces from the shingles will start to be present in the gutters. The more granules, the sooner you need to consider a replacement. This is one reason cleaning your gutters is an important thing to do at least once a year.

Looking for the Best Company for Hunterdon County Roof Replacement?

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