Qualities of a reliable roofing contractor begins with knowing the nuances of code requirements and permits.  Signs that your roof has reached the end of its lifespan can be obvious: consistent leaks, shingle loss, and mold growth.  Some homeowners might assume that a roof replacement means completely stripping off the existing roof.  However, that is not always the case.  If your roofs’ sheathing and shingle structure are mostly intact, some roofers will apply a new layer of roof shingles right over your first layer.  This can be a quick, cost-effective option, and most building codes allow up to two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles for roofs with up to a 4:12 pitch.

Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Contractor

The qualities to expect in a New Jersey roofing contractor such as state licensing, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, a good reputation, and positive online reviews.  When you’re looking for the best contractor for your roof repairs or a replacement, check for these key qualities too:

Commitment to Quality

Hiring a contractor who does high-quality work gives you peace of mind that your roof repairs are done right, and your new roof is installed skillfully.  You can judge whether a contractor cares about workmanship quality by asking if their crews are trained and certified by leading manufacturers.  Also ask if they perform quality-control inspections after projects are completed, and whether they stand behind their work with a lengthy comprehensive warranty.

Communication Skills

Good two-way communication is essential to ensure the success of your roofing project.  For this, you need a contractor who really listens, explains your different material options in understandable language.  Additionally, they discuss the repair or replacement process openly and stays in contact with you throughout the project.  How a contractor responds to your questions can give insight into their ability to communicate.  Moreover, read the online reviews for whether a roofer met their expectations for responsiveness before, during and after their project was completed.   Look for transparent business practices.

Well-Established Local Presence

It’s vital to know that the contractor you choose will be around to handle any maintenance, repair or warranty issues that crop up down the road.  For this assurance, look for a roofer with an established presence in the community.  Evidence of this includes numerous testimonials from area homeowners online.  Service awards from top roofing manufacturers and associations like the NRCA and networks like Houzz and Angie’s List.  Accolades from local publications and organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce.


Dedication to Safety

A roofing contractor who cares about safety shows a concern for the well-being of their employees, customers and the customers’ property. To learn if a contractor makes safety a priority, inquire whether their foremen and roofing crews receive regular safety training.  Ask to see their workers’ compensation and liability insurance certificates.  When you read previous customers, online reviews see if their property was kept clean and tidy while work was being performed.  If you’re looking for a dependable roofing contractor in the New Jersey area who cares about workmanship quality and customer service, contact us today at Deegan Roofing Company.

Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Contractor

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