Do you need a Nutley roof repair to cover dark streaks on top of your roof? You may wonder, is it dirt, or is it mold? More than likely, those dark streaks on your roof shingles are made of algae colonies that eat moisture and limestone. When moisture is allowed to build, you risk algae building and creating unsightly dark streaks. The only way to get rid of and prevent these spots is to clean the roof. To help you with this problem, here are a few ways you’ll want to clean to rid your roof of these splotches.

Nutley Roof Repair

Treat with Algicide | Nutley Roof Repair

When you purchase roof shingles treated with algicide, this helps to keep algae growth at bay for about 10 years. If you need to re-shingle your roof, purchase shingles that will fight back the algae. After the 10 years you will need to continually clean the roof, but this at least delays a lot of the work for a while.

Don’t Use Bleach

When you research cleaning methods for getting rid of algae, you may think washing it down with bleach is a good idea. However, this does not get to the root of the problem. The bleach will only get rid of the top layer of algae, if anything. It may look better, but the deeper algae will still be there. Bleach can also corrode your flashing and gutters, so you’ll be repairing more of your roof by using this method. Moreover, bleach is incredibly harmful to the environment. When bleach runoff goes into the ground, it eventually makes it into the water supply and plants, hurting both animals and people. When you search for cleaners, look for something that is environmentally safe and noncorrosive.

Avoid Power Washers | Nutley Roof Repair

These heavy duty washing machines may sound effective, but they can rip the shingles off your roof faster than you can say “algae.” Even washers at low pressures can wash away shingles or at least do serious damage to your roof. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, you’ll want to use gentler ways of rinsing and washing down your roof. Even a simple hose will be a lot more effective, and definitely less destructive, than a power washer.

Rinse Before and After

Before you apply your cleaning solution, hose down the roof with a good layer of water. This will keep your roof cooler and will prevent your cleaner from drying too fast. Your cleaner needs time to stick and do its work, so having a dry roof will make this process a lot more difficult. After applying even layers of the cleaner to the whole roof, you’ll need to rinse off the roof again. You should see the stains mostly wash away. For tougher stains, you may need specialized tools that are a little more powerful than a garden house, but not as rough as a power washer.

Spray Stain Blockers | Nutley Roof Repair

After the stains are gone, you’ll need to apply something to keep the stains away. While you should still regularly clean to keep the stains away, spraying a coat of stain-blocking solution will give you some extra help. Spray this evenly on your roof shortly after you clean it. Again, choose a solution that is environmentally friendly and won’t corrode your roof. Most stain blockers should prevent algae for about three years. Keep a close eye on your roof to make sure that if algae does come back, that you get rid of the stains as soon as possible.

Do you need professional Nutley roof repair to clear up your dark stains? Visit Deegan Roofing’s website, or call us at 855-793-1010 today.

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