With so many roofing companies out there, choosing the right one can be tough. You want to find a company with a strong reputation that provides the service you need. Deegan Roofing is everything that you’re looking for. We provide many types of roofing services to NJ homeowners and are a leading name among NJ roofing companies. Here are some of the services that we provide.

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NJ Roofing Companies – Deegan Roofing

1. Roof Installation/ Repair – These services should be performed by all roofing companies. Installation and repair are staple services that many people contact roofing companies for. You may think you only need a repair but on further inspection, it is determined that you need a whole new installation and vice versa. Deegan Roofing will provide these services for you and will even give you a free estimate.

2. Gutter Repair – Gutter repair is much more essential than many homeowners think. A weak or damaged gutter can bring further damage to your siding, foundation, and cause leaks in your home. Gutter cleaning is something you should be able to handle yourself, but repair is a whole different story. As with roof repairs, some damage may require more extensive work and we will also install new gutters if it’s necessary.

3. Roof Cleaning – A dirty roof can make a good home look terrible. It is very noticeable and can also have negative health implications for you and your family. Stains on a roof are normally caused by mold or algae which can be harmful if you breathe it in. It can also damaged the aesthetic of your home which will decrease the value if you’re looking to sell it.

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When choosing between roofing companies, you want to make sure they provide everything you need. This was just a smaller list of some of the more common services that Deegan Roofing provides. We have built up a reputable name in NJ and have served many homeowners over the past two decades. For more information on our services, contact us today by calling (908)322-6405 or visit our website.

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