Springtime often brings cleaning and yardwork to the top of your to-do list.  One of the most important areas for outdoor maintenance in your home is also one of the most frequently forgotten: your roof.  As your roof recovers form winter snow and ice and prepares for spring thunder and wind, make sure to give it the TLC it deserves.  Here are 5 spring roof maintenance tips recommended by our team of expert roofers at Deegan Roofing.


Spring Roof Maintenance


  1. Clean your gutters.

Throughout the winter, debris tends to build up in your gutters and downspouts.  If either leaves, twigs, or dirt are clogging up your gutters, they won’t be able to do their job properly when the next spring rainstorm hits.  Thoroughly clean out your gutters with a special gutter scoop so that you won’t damage them in the process.  Spread out a tarp on the lawn below to collect the debris as it falls.


  1. Inspect your shingles.

Check for any shingles that are missing, curling, or worn down.  If you aren’t comfortable getting up on your roof, you can do a partial visual inspection from the ground with binoculars.  If you are comfortable checking your roof, make sure to use a sturdy ladder and bring a buddy along for safety.  Look for any shingles with cracks, curled edges, or loose nails.  If you notice large areas of damaged shingles, it may be time for a Deegan roof repair or replacement this spring.


  1. Check for mold or algae.

Since moisture can collect on your roof throughout the winter, it is pretty common to find some mold or algae growth.  While you are inspecting your shingles, be on the lookout for these pests.  There are DIY treatment options for mold removal on your roof but talk to a professional roofer before you start pouring any chemicals up there.


  1. Document any damage.

If you notice missing or broken shingles, damaged soffit or fascia, mold growth, or any other roof problems, document them with photos.  Your home insurance will probably cover some roof damage, especially after a storm.  You need to provide photographic evidence about the extent of the damage.


  1. Schedule a professional inspection.


If you notice anything amiss on top of your roof, provide yourself with peace of mind by scheduling a professional roof inspection.  A licensed and experienced roofer will be able to help you determine the extent of your roof damage and whether it needs a simple patch, a complicated repair, or a total replacement.  Your roof protects your attic and home interior, so it is worth the investment to make sure it can keep moisture out of your home properly.


Spring Roof Maintenance


Assessing your roof and inspecting it for damage or moisture will help keep it in top shape through the spring storms and for years to come.  Looking for help with your roof maintenance or inspection?



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