Having a moldy roof can be a huge pain for any homeowner. moldy roof can be a huge pain in the neck for homeowners. Not only does it make your house look dirty and unkept, but it can lead to more serious roof damage that can cost you lots of money. In fact, roof mold lurks as a silent attacker that does more damage than you may be aware of. For this reason, it is imperative that you contact a mold remediation company as soon as you notice mold begin to appear on your roof.  The more time mold has to grow on your roof, the more damage it will do. We recommend that you hire a professional Union County roof mold removal company for roof cleaning if you notice mold growing on your roof. Below, we will be taking a look at some of the risks of having mold on your roof:

Union County Roof Mold Removal

Why Union County Roof Mold Removal | Dirty Looking House

The first area of damage, and by far most noticeable is in the aesthetics of your home. You will definitely see mold before you can notice what it may be doing to your home. No one likes having a roof with dark spots all over it. It looks dirty both to you as the homeowner and to others as they pass by. If you are looking to sell your home, this will likely have a negative impact on potential buyers as well. No homeowners wants to live in a place that looks unkempt so you should get NJ rood mold removal if you see it.

Why Union County Roof Mold Removal | Roof Deterioration

Mold will slowly eat away at the shingling on your roof if you let it sit. Shingles have a lot of natural materials and minerals in them that mold will feed off of. This will have two effects, neither of which are good. Your roof will actually begin to become weaker as a result of the shingles being eaten away and the mold will expand. This can be an ongoing cycle that you don’t want to deal with. The sooner the issue is dealt with, the more money you will save.

Why Union County Roof Mold Removal | Health Risks

There are also some health risks that come with a moldy roof. While mold on the roof is not generally as dangerous as mold inside your home, it can still affect anyone who may be allergic to it. You may be especially vulnerable to it in your attic. For the sake of your family, friends, and pets it is in your best interest to have roof mold removed. We recommend that you contact a Union County roof cleaning company today.

NJ Roof Mold Removal

Different Types of Union County Roof Mold Removal

Not all mold removal services are created equal. In fact, some methods are straight up harmful to your roof and your health! Before you hire a company to work on cleaning up your roof, ask what methods they use to accomplish the job. Let’s take a quick look at some of the popularly used roof cleaning methods:

Types of Union County Roof Mold Removal | Harmful Chemicals and Bleach

This is certainly not the most recommended service for your roof. Bleach and other chemicals can actually have a worse affect on your roof and the area around your home. It will initially look like the mold is cleaned off, but the root of the issue will have not been removed. After a while, you may notice additional damage to your landscaping as well. Many roofing contractors do not use these chemicals anymore, but it is something you should keep your eye out for.

Types of Union County Roof Mold Removal | High-Pressure Power Washing

This is a technique that has it’s pros and cons. It may look like it has cleaned off the roof right away, but chances are it has not done quite as good of a job as it looks like. Usually much of the roots will remain even if the surface mold is removed. Not only that, but the high pressure of the wash can actually harm your roof itself. It can wear away at the shingles and cause more erosion than is necessary. Choosing a lower pressure wash for your roof is a much better option.

High-Pressure Power Washing | Low Pressure Shampoo

This will be the best option to go with for your roof cleaning needs. While it is unfortunately a bit more expensive, it will do a much better job of deep cleaning and gently rinsing. The extra cost comes from the specialized shampoo that is used to clean your roof. It removes the algae and mold from the root while not being harmful like bleach to the rest of the environment. The low pressure wash helps to rinse off your roof without damaging any shingles. Be sure to ask your NJ roof cleaning services contractor about this method!

Are You In Need of Union County Roof Mold Removal?

Roof mold is nothing to mess around with and you don’t want to let it sit. You need to hire a contractor to perform NJ roof mold removal services ASAP if you notice mold on your roof. If you’re searching for a contractor, call Deegan Roofing today. Deegan Roofing is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been providing outstanding roofing services for over 2 decades! Hundreds of home owners have had beyond satisfactory experiences with Deegan!  For more information on how to get started, call (407)-363-0155 or visit our website.

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